Progress on TNM

Currently in the process of ordering graphite powder for conductive silicone. Current design is LED mushrooms that, when you touch them, emit noise. Design of mushrooms may change to reflect the aesthetic of the noise machine. This project will serve as a prototype of the sexual robot sculptures. the current issue will be presentation. I may find some old machinery to "plant" my mushrooms in and hide the circuits and speakers in order to keep a biomorphic aesthetic. something rusty. Still in the process of editing blog video taken on my canon.

I'm still trying to find a message in my art, though what it is I can't say. Sound is something objectively natural, and machine created sound must be a result of bio-morphism. However, what is the point of the mushrooms? is it to exaggerate the concept? Shouldn't I do more than just exaggerate? I'm not quite sure.

Have gutted a rabbit. Miffy was her name. Her cold black eyes looked up at me as I tore all the bloody circuitry out of her. Gods, the wires, streaming out of her like blood. I feel as though I am no longer human from these cruel acts I have committed.

conductive silicone


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